Bananas float in water.


There are 10 basic cloud types, all categorized by general shape and height in the sky.


Turtles have a lower shell called a 'plastron'. Many hide their heads inside when attacked by predators.


gravity has no duality; it only attracts, never repels.


the highest per capita egg consumption was in 1945 when each American ate about 404 eggs per person.


touch stimulates the brain to release endorphines.


there are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day.


you can't say the letter "m" without your lips touching


25 of the World’s Most Recognized Smells:

  1. Coffee

  2. Peanut Butter

  3. Vicks VaporRub

  4. Chocolate

  5. Wintergreen Oil

  6. BabyPowder

  7. Cigarette Butts

  8. Mothballs

  9. Dry Cat Food

  10. Beer

  11. Ivory Soap

  12. Juicy Fruit Gum

  13. Orange

  14. Cinnamon

  15. Lemon

  16. Tuna

  17. Banana

  18. Crayons

  19. Cheese

  20. Bleach

  21. Freshly Mowed Lawn

  22. Thanksgiving Turkey

  23. Skunk

  24. Gasoline

  25. Clean Laundry


the ear holds the smallest bones in the body called the ossicles.


carrots are believed to have originated some 5,000 years ago in Asia.